postpartum doula service deposit


postpartum doula service deposit


I am beyond honored to be on this postpartum journey with you. To secure postpartum doula services, please read and accept the Terms of Service and then purchase a minimum of six (6) hours of postpartum support, *$180, as a deposit.

*Postpartum doula rates are $30/hour for single births. Multiples require a minimum of 6 hours at $35/hour. Overnights are also offered at a rate of $40/hour for a minimum of 8 hours.

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As your postpartum doula, I will:

  • Provide physical, emotional, and educational support during the weeks after your child’s birth.

  • Respect your role as caregiver and decision-maker for your baby, supporting the parenting choices you make.

  • Help you maintain a calm and peaceful household.

  • Assist with household chores, errands, cooking, and childcare for siblings, as needed and if requested.

  • Support your breastfeeding relationship, if that is what you choose. While not an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant, I am trained in the management and support of the breastfeeding process. Frequently, this is all that is needed to overcome breastfeeding issues, should they occur. If more is required, they will refer you to a breastfeeding counselor or IBCLC, if you desire.

  • I will recommend you consult with your provider about medical issues. My role is clearly defined as non-medical.

  • Keep all your records strictly confidential.

  • Please read Terms of Service for more information.