Services Overview


Postpartum Doula

That period right after’s completely magical…and sometimes, often, completely exhausting. As someone who has benefited directly from the impact of a postpartum doula, I am honored to give that support to other women during this important, hard, beautiful, time of being a mama. I’ll be there to listen, to help with the little things you don’t have the time or energy to do, to play with siblings, or to hold your little one for you while you give yourself a much deserved break.


Postpartum Meal Prep

As a certified holistic nutritionist and a postpartum doula, I would love to pair my knowledge with your dietary needs. Either prenatally or postpartum, we will come up with a plan. Then I will shop and prepare freezer meals in your home for you to store for the days you’re too busy to cook or just plain ol’ don’t feel like cooking.